Sotogrande shopping in the moonlight

Sotogrande night marketOne of the best features about life here in Spain is that most things tend to happen a little bit later in the evening. People work later, eat later and are still soaking up the sun on the beach until sunset, or even afterwards during the summer months. They do this of course in a bid to escape the sweltering afternoon heat, which on the Costa del Sol can occasionally hit ice-cream melting highs of 42c (107f). It’s good news for those shopaholics among us who like nothing more than to indulge in a bit of nocturnal retail therapy during the cooler evening hours.

Here in Sotogrande things are no different, so the locals have created a unique and popular Night Market amongst the sights and sounds of the bustling marina. Located in Ribera del Marlín, residents and visitors with a passion for retail can shop to their heart’s content at a multitude of stalls selling everything from clothes and ceramics to delicious delicacies, while Moroccan tearooms offer more-ish refreshment. Opposite the port’s yachts you’ll discover a colourful collection of stalls selling handmade goods where there’s a melange of scents filling the summer air, making this a pleasant and relaxed way to spend an evening.

However, those no so keen on all things shopping-related should fear not, as there are other attractions to keep you occupied and lots of cafes and restaurants to enjoy the atmosphere while having an al fresco drink or meal. Designed with the whole family in mind, the market also offers children’s entertainment, juggling and the ever-popular balloon modelling. So what are you waiting for? Grab your re-usable shopping bags and get down to Sotogrande’s Night Market!

The popular event takes place every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday between 7pm and 12pm until August 31st.




By Jackie Cruz - Manifesto · August 14th 2013