Holmes Sotogrande says goodbye to a great character.

NOTARIA (3)D. Antonio Camarena de la rosa

It is with considerable sadness that we all attended the funeral of our local notary, Antonio Camarena de la Rosa.

Our visits to his offices were an experience that on reflection showed the depth and strength of his character. Often having to wait for some time for him to be ready, either due to his often long coffee breaks at the Ke bar of perhaps for him to finish listening to a piece of music. We often would joke that he would be late for his own funeral!! True to form, the church was full and waiting for him to finally arrive.

But to be advised by Don Antonio was always enlightening, friendly and willingly given as well as received. Always touched with humour, a smile and good intention. He was always a willing advisor and made sure that people had received the best advice.

We have lost a true character from our community, whom he served not only as our notary but as the President of the Association of Communities for two years.

He fought his illness with bravery and was never one to hide away.

Our visits to the notary will never be the same.

Rest in peace Don Antonio.

By Jackie Cruz - Manifesto · January 12th 2015