Sailing from Sotogrande

Sotogrande sailingThe lovely marina of Sotogrande is not only a charmingly elegant backdrop for shopping, dining and socialising in this stylish resort, but also a lively yacht harbour with a proud sporting tradition. Indeed, Sotogrande is one of the prime water sports centres in Southern Spain, and home to beautiful yachts, power boats and sailing boats that can frequently be seen gliding in between the pretty apartments that jut out along the extended berths, many of which come part and parcel with a home here.

The sleek lines of nautical works of art form the backdrop to this part of Sotogrande, adding beauty to the architecture of the marina apartments, the beautifully laid out gardens and pathways, canal-style waterways, shops, restaurants and intimate sun-kissed piazzas where it is possible to enjoy café society or a refreshing drink as you behold marina life in motion before you. And if the scene inspires you to tempt the waves and enjoy the glamorous lifestyle aboard a yacht or sailing boat, then you’ll find that not all these beautiful vessels are jealously guarded by their owners.

Boating charters

The boats that offer charters usually include a seasoned captain who takes groups out to sea, either following a set route and itinerary or creating one around your personal wishes. Experienced yachtsmen can also arrange to take boats out themselves, while waiters, chefs and entertainment can also be arranged for those who want to party at sea. Most, however, set out on a westward route, passing along the shoreline of Sotogrande before rounding the imposing cape of Gibraltar to cross the Bay of Algeciras and drop anchor in a pretty cove.

Here you dive in crystal clear water before setting up a barbecue on a secluded beach. It’s quite the lifestyle, as you gaze across the sea under the Spanish sun. Add some sultry summer tunes, refreshments and good company, and it is the making of a moment to relish forever. Heading back the captains often sail a little further out, making use of the afternoon breeze to use only sail – a magical experience that is made unforgettable if you’re lucky enough to be escorted by frolicking dolphins.

The final leg of the journey, as you glide back into port in Sotogrande to see its marina lit up at dusk, is the crowning moment to a glorious day that helps to define the Sotogrande way of life. If this sounds like your kind of lifestyle please contact us. Holmes Property Sales is the prime real estate specialist in the area.

By Jackie Cruz - Manifesto · February 18th 2016