When real estate companies like Holmes Sotogrande boast about many years in the business it’s not only to deservedly celebrate an enviable reputation earned over a long period of successfully servicing the luxury property market, but also carries a more practical significance.holmes-sotogrande-marina

Indeed, with such a long period of time dedicated to real estate in an area like Sotogrande, comes a market knowledge that is quite frankly unapproachable, let alone unequalled. It is this intimate expertise regarding the area, its different zones and lifestyles, the amenities, the market cycles and above all the properties themselves that makes the information and advice offered by Holmes Sotogrande so much more authoritative and valuable to clients.

Unequalled know-how
Founded by Ian Bateman in 1979, Holmes Sotogrande is a family business inexorably woven into the very fabric of Sotogrande. Now into its second generation, the business is led by Ben Bateman, who having grown up in Sotogrande and within a real estate family has a know-how that far exceeds his years.

“We haven’t just seen Sotogrande evolve before our eyes, we’ve lived it and been a part of it,” says Ben, who blends 21st century marketing savvy with the ethics upon which the Holmes name was built. “Holmes Sotogrande is very much a modern property agent, but we are also very fortunate in having such fantastic accumulated knowledge and pedigree in this area.”

holmes-sotogrande-restaurantsIt is for this reason that he and his team not only feel confident they offer a level of expertise and advice that is unsurpassed in these parts, but also receive the very best properties for sale in Sotogrande. “You won’t just be shown a home or receive a blank stare when you ask difficult, probing questions,” says Ben. “At Holmes you get a complete service that also includes sharing all we know about buying, living and investing in Sotogrande.”

Detailed product knowledge
Having worked in the Sotogrande real estate market for so many years means there is almost no property that Ben and his team don’t know in detail. As featured in a recent article in the Olive Press, in the process Holmes has over 3,000 properties on record, making this a priceless source of detailed information about homes, their history, redevelopment and recent sales prices in a region where such details are still not readily found.

holmes-sotogrande-marina-at-nightNot only is it an indication of how professionally this business is run, it also shows just how much Holmes has been a part of the evolution of Sotogrande into an international luxury destination of distinction.

If you are interested in apartments and villas for sale in Sotogrande or would like to know more about this beautiful part of Southern Spain please contact us and we will be more than happy to advise you.

By The Holmes Team · September 9th 2016