Sotogrande health facilities

The quality of health care and hospital facilities in Andalucia is generally of a high standard and the large hospitals in the main cities are very well equipped and offer excellent health care. If you live and work in Andalucia, then by law you must subscribe to the Seguridad Social (Social Security) and will thereby have access to the state health system.


However, if you do not intend to work in Spain, and are not yet receiving a UK pension, then you must take out Privacy health insurance to ensure you can meet any medical expenses. You are only permitted to get free healthcare on your E111 for a period of three months, as this is normally only for use when holidaying in Spain.

For those receiving payment of a UK pension into a Spanish account, you can receive free health care (which is paid for by the UK NHS) but you will have to complete all the necessary paperwork and register it with your nearest Seguridad Social office.


San Roque Health Care
(Hotel San Roque) Tel: 956 613 014

Quore Clinic
24 hours (Sotogrande Harbour) 630 471 330

24 hour ambulance service, Centro comercial Sotomarket Tel. 956 785333

Medical Centre
(Guadiaro) 956 614 040

Emergency Helicopters
(Marbella) 952 816 767

Sotogrande Physiotherapy Clinic
956 695 149


Hospital Hospiten Estepona (Private)
Partido de Velerin Ctra Nacional 340, Km 162

Hospital la Linea de la Concepcion (public)
Avda Menendez-Perlayo La Linea

Hospital Comarcal Costa del Sol, Marbella (public)
Ctra Nacional 340, Km 187 Marbella

Hospital Universitario (public)
Avda Ana de Viya Cadiz

Hospital Traumatologia Clinica San Rafael (Private)
Diego Arias Cadiz

Dental treatment in Spain is all Privacy, although if you have Privacy health insurance, you may be entitled to occasional dental check-ups and discounts on your treatments as part of your policy.

By · November 2nd 2011