Golf properties in Sotogrande

San Roque Golf ClubFor many an ardent golfing fan there can be no greater pleasure than that derived from living right on the edge of a world class golf course. In Sotogrande there are several famous clubs, including: The Club de Golf de Valderrama, the Real Club de Golf de Sotogrande, the Club de Golf La Cañada and the San Roque Club. So what are the advantages of having a green within putting distance of your front door? Well, for starters you can get up early in the morning and be at the clubhouse within five minutes, beating other golfers to the green for that desirable first game of the day. Or even the thrill of driving your golf cart right to the first tee, safe in the knowledge you won’t get caught in any traffic is enough to justify a property purchase for some passionate putters.

Savvy investors will of course know that buying a front line golf property is a wise purchase, as the average asking price of a home near a premium golf course is higher than the national average. This is because you are living next to an extremely well maintained green space with fantastic views, which is unlikely to lose value in the future. Add to this equation the peace and tranquillity of Sotogrande, especially in the evenings and at night, and you can see how these homes are popular with those seeking a private oasis within beautiful surroundings.

Frontline golf property Altos Valderrama, SotograndeOf course one of the other advantages for golfers is that you will have so much more time to practice each day, which will have the effect of both raising your game and local rankings in competitions, much to the envy of your golfing friends. In addition, if you don’t fancy playing one afternoon, why not just watch the competition from the sanctuary of your terrace? Fortunately, Sotogrande is rich in fine homes, great golf courses and both amateur and professional competitions.

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By · October 31st 2013