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Sailing from Sotogrande

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The lovely marina of Sotogrande is not only a charmingly elegant backdrop for shopping, dining and socialising in this stylish


Jackie Cruz - Manifesto


Think of Sotogrande and two sports spring to mind—polo and golf. It is no overstatement to say that this stylish

Have you visited the Sunday morning market in Sotogrande?

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The Sunday morning market at Sotogrande port is a treat. If you haven’t visited yet and are in the area,

Sotogrande looks back on a great summer

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We used to have them before but it seems they are back again – the legendary Sotogrande summers.

Though the area had already begun to rebound from the depths of the recession, which hit around 2010, this summer marked a true return to full health – and a revival of the classic Sotogrande summer.

Life in Sotogrande

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With Gibraltar’s impressive World Trade Centre now under construction and the Rock’s economy on the up, there is no shortage

The Sotogrande marina lifestyle

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Sotogrande is home to one of the most upmarket marinas in Spain, a resort surrounded by some of Europe’s most