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Restaurants in Sotogrande


Antiguo Cortijo Valderrama Restaurant Sotogrande Alto 11310  Sotogrande, San Roque, Cádiz. Spain Reservations: Tel.  956 795 894 Boka Restaurant Plaza

Shopping in Sotogrande


Although Sotogrande is known for it´s Golf, Polo and outdoor activities, there is still a lot more to do. Shopping

Sotogrande Hípica equestrian centre


              With its open spaces and easily accessible natural surroundings, Sotogrande is an ideal

Gran Premio Atlanterra – Derby and Beach Polo

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Picture this – sitting on a beautiful sandy beach overlooking the Atlantic, and a full crowd as you watch horse

Sotogrande polo season ends on a high

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Sotogrande’s famous Santa María Polo Club again was the focus of another summer of fantastic world class Polo. The August

Spanish Taxes

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Taxation of Spanish property Local Taxes There are two local property taxes which are both based on the property’s rateable value the

Sotogrande’s courses get ready for the golf season


As the polo season winds up the golf season begins in earnest. Temperatures drop slightly to a level that is perfect for the pursuit of the noble sport, and the courses are readied for the arrival of new players from across Europe. As one of the finest golf destinations on the continent, Sotogrande proudly boasts five golf clubs that shine on the Costa del Sol and hold their own with the best internationally.

Hotel Club Marítimo – at the heart of Sotogrande

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Situated at the furthest point of the Sotogrande marina, the Hotel Club Marítimo occupies a rather private spot that not only enjoys the best views of the boats and Gibraltar, but also looks back on the picturesque marina itself.
A member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, this is a venue with a character and ambience all of its own, and as such can be classed a boutique hotel. With 41 rooms and suites it is, however, quite small as a hotel and sizeable for a boutique establishment, so the Club Marítimo is in every way a unique kind of hotel.

Holmes website maps of Sotogrande prove to be an invaluable tool

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Holmes Sotogrande has always worked hard to provide its clients with up to date information about the area. The maps it specially designed for the use of those interested in Sotogrande are a good example of this, and were among the earliest of their kind in Southern Spain. Presented as a handy fold-up map that is easy to keep in handbags, car glove compartments and even in wallets, they are highly popular and have since also made their way onto the Holmes website – creating a whole new range of interactive search and information possibilities.

Sotogrande Marina – pretty hub of a stylish community

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Sotogrande is pretty, it’s spacious and well facilitated, but above all it has style. It also has, dare I say

Valderrama, ‘Europe’s finest course in Sotogrande’

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Now that is quite a statement to make, but Sotogrande’s most famous golf course has often been described as the

Holmes, the Sotogrande specialist

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When Ian and Jackie Bateman first came to Sotogrande it was the beginning of a lifelong love affair. The couple were well travelled and had visited many a beauty spot in the world, but Sotogrande captured their imagination as no other place had ever done. “I think it was the sense of quality and refinement combined with space, freedom and a very laid-back atmosphere that made it stand out for us,” says Jackie.

They decided to make this their home and were able to share their enthusiasm for Sotogrande and its lifestyle when they founded Holmes Property Sales in 1979. “We had young children and thought this would be a fantastic place for them to grow up; in an environment with lots of nature, fresh air and outdoor activities, but also one that is very cosmopolitan and stimulating.”